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You may be asking yourself the title of this page, “What the hell is this mess?” Well, dear listener, you’ve found your way to The Instant Gratification Podcast. We are Sacramento, CA’s premier LGBT comedy podcast (and by that we of course mean that we’re the only one that we can find)! We come to you every week, bringing a mix of information, irreverence, and just plain ridiculousness all peppered with our very own brand of comedy.

“People tune in for the hot mess of a train wreck?” Curtis from The Game Night Guys

“It is fun to listen to.” Chris Kent from Sacramento, CA

“Freshen up the downtown with this podcast, episode #26 is too cool having one of the Gay podcasters’ straight Dad join. Supercool to hear the love, fun, and honesty between Dad and the Gay hosts. No Holds barred, and Dad joins in the camp and fun. One of my favorite newer podcasts. “Dad mouthed it.” Best line ever. Can’t wait for Dad to return. Thanks guys.” – Timmy Simms from Michigan, MI

“Love this show and all the hosts that are all on it. Luke, Edward and Blair are something to listen to. Never boring, and isn’t that what a podcast should be? Give a try and never delete from your podcast list.” – Beattrek

Who the Hell Are You People?

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